Physical education and activity is an essential part of any well-rounded education. Besides the numerous health and social benefits of engaging in regular physical group activity, regular exercise promotes stronger mental health leading to increased academic performance and improved personal organisation skills.

Cricket in particular is a superior sport when it comes to developing one’s athletic ability. As well as training participants in basic physical fitness, coordination, stamina and automatic reflex skills, it gives players the challenge of working on their individual skills, as well as the invaluable experience of working in a team environment. Additionally, this competitive format will be the first of its kind experienced by many of the Tournament’s participants. It bridges the gap for students who are well acquainted with the skills of the game and need a fresh challenge of testing these skills in a competitive environment.

Additionally, all Cricket Fiji school tournaments are unique in their inclusiveness for both males and females. In what is traditionally regarded worldwide as a male-dominated sport, Cricket Fiji is aiming to breakdown this stereotype by providing equal opportunities for both boys and girls who are passionate about playing cricket.


Primary Schools
schoolcriketOur Primary Schools’ Cricket Program is two-fold, consisting of both school clinics and structured competitions. We have Cricket Fiji Development Officers based throughout the country who run clinics at local schools’ in their region on request, and are responsible for organisation annual competitions and fun days.

The Primary Schools’ Cricket Program is key in Cricket Fiji’s long-term strategy to take the game to new regions and new participants. It also reinforces the universal ideal that cricket should be a game for all to participate in and enjoy at any level. We aim to give all children the opportunity to learn the skills of cricket in a fun and safe environment, as well as provide them with regular playing opportunities should they wish to take cricket further.



Secondary Schools
secondaryOur Secondary Schools’ Cricket Program provides high school students with regular competitive playing opportunities. For schools that wish to participate in such competitions, Cricket Fiji staff can also provide coaching and other assistance in the lead up to tournaments.

Cricket Fiji aims for secondary school tournaments to not only be a means of talent identification for their under-19 High Performance Program, but is excited by the prospect of providing budding young cricketers with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through playing regular competitive cricket.




Special Schools
specialPart of Cricket Fiji’s Inclusive Cricket Program is run in conjunction with the Special Schools of Fiji. From learning the basics of the game through table cricket, to soft-ball clinics and structured competitions, we ensure that cricket really is a game for all.

We are proud to say we run one of the best inclusive sporting programs in the Pacific, and aim to have both the number of participants and the skills of our participants grow, so that they can be integrated into mainstream cricket tournaments.